Dark Day

Dark Day Adventure Log

The Dark Day Story

It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fineREM

The Dark Day adventure begins on December 31st 1999, the day before the new millennium and the dreaded specter of Y2K. The players each began the day separately, introducing them, their lives, and some of their unique circumstances; but, by early the next morning they have all managed to do two things: 1) Have an encounter with what appears to be a recently-homeless man who shouted at them “you will be there when it happens, you will see and you will know the truth” and 2) Each ended up in a gas station/diner off of Interstate 95 in northern Maryland.

Y2k One or more of the players recognizes the homeless man in the diner. He becomes agitated as a black limousine pulls up to the gas station and several men in suits with earpieces get out. From out of the back of the limo steps the Independent Representative from Maryland Senator Douglas Carlson. The homeless man stands up and shouts “You will all see” and then runs outside toward the Senator. As he does, one of the agents pulls a gun and shoots the man. As his body hits the ground there is a moment of silence and then the sky disappears into inky blackness.

Although the sky is dark the lights from the gas station illuminate the area around the pumps. The Senator’s limo lurches and the insides are filled with a green light. The Senator begins to walk toward the fallen man but his bodyguard gets in the way. “Back into the car Senator, you have work to do.”

The Senator begins to push past the bodyguard “That man needs medical attention!”
He takes one step forward and long black tendrils of shadow erupt from the back of the limo and drag him screaming inside. The green light surges then dies as the limo speeds away from the diner. Just in time as a fuel truck slams into the pumps, pinning an SUV with a family inside. Smoke begins pouring from the hood of the fuel truck and the screams of the trapped family almost drown out the screams coming from inside the diner.

Chaos ensued and the players had to survive in a world turned upside down. For 24 hours they worked to keep each other alive, tried to find out what was going on, and tried to connect with family and friends.



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