Dark Day

Fatal Rock

On 10 May 2000, a large group of Pop and Rock & Roll musicians, headed by the veteran rocking-for-a-cause Bruce Springsteen put on a massive two day show called "Bringing Back the Light: A concert for hope and recovery after Dark Day. The concert was held in Madison Square Garden to a sold-out audience and to millions of more people around the world via television. Mid-way through the concert all power went out plunging the crowd into darkness and into a massive panic. Forty people were trampled to death and a massive fire consumed most of the Garden and the surrounding area. The TV crews had abandoned their cameras and the whole scene, what could be seen in the light of fires and flashlights played out across the world. Instead of helping to ease fears it was seen as a colossal failure and only deepened the feeling of dread most people were still dealing with.



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