Dark Day

Flight 1237 the truth...[news board post deleted by server admins]


Post to “Dark Day Truth” site and several other news media sites. Was online for approximately 3 minutes before being erased by unknown hacking software.

The truth, it doesn’t set us free, it’s a prison. Flight 1237, only three survivors remain, and I had a chance to talk to one of them, a preacher, and now, I am not sure what to think. It doesn’t make sense, but I guess it makes perfect sense, all of it. They were ON THE FLIGHT, all of them, but they didn’t crash with the rest of the plane, they crashed, somewhere else…

I have talked with so many conspiracy theorists over the past year, each one with a compelling story, each one different, but, at the same time, some things seem to match, to be similar and the preachers story makes it all seem to fit. I am compiling the data into a story to get it out, but I wont be able to do it through my paper, they have already told me to drop it, that people are tired of hoaxes and conspiracies, people want to move on.

The preacher told me he thought he was being watched, thought that he might get out of town before he fell victim to an “accident” like the others. I don’t know what to think, but I would warn the other two survivors, get out of L.A. as soon as you can, get out and get far away…



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