Dark Day

The Trouble With the Hamburg Cell

Adventure, Season 3

Group was sent to Hamburg Germany to help the Cell there recover member of the cell that was picked up by German police and arrested for not having identification. He was taken to a secret prison in a high-rise building in downtown Hamburg.
In Germany the group connected up with Qusay Hussein, head of operations in Germany, and got a more detailed briefing. Group needs to:
1. Access the building (with aid of Qusay’s men and a magic scroll of invisibility)
2. Secure the prisoner
3. Destroy any physical evidence (DNA) using another magical scroll provided by Qusay.
4. Introduce a computer virus to the prison’s computer network to erase all digital evidence of the arrest.
5. Extraction from the roof via helicopter (probably under fire)

Biggest concern is that there are rumors that a squad (6-9 members) of a specialized SWAT team are on duty at all times at the prison and that they know of and willingly serve the Nightlords.


6. Hide Luke’s body

The Trouble With the Hamburg Cell

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