Dark Day

The Hamburg Cell: Mission Complete?

Hamburg Cell Complete?

The helicopter ride is mostly quiet, beyond the rushing sound of the rotors. Periodically you hear in your ear pieces the soft mumbled “Allah Akbar” from the pilot who is probably relieved to not have to travelled to paradise quite yet.

Both the prisoner and Lucy remain unconscious for the trip. He wakes up as the bird descends to a small landing platform outside of an old warehouse on the outskirts of town. A group of a dozen or so Arabic men come rushing out of the warehouse, some cheering, others nearly crying with joy at having their brother returned to them. They help him off of the helicopter then will assist in moving Lucy. They will be very deferential to the players and thank them over and over again.

Another group of men of mixed ethnicities come out and begin attaching a tow bar to the helicopter and then drag it into the warehouse.

The players are escorted into the warehouse which has a makeshift medical area. There is a doctor there but he will again defer to the players regarding their treatment. Lucy’s blood pressure and heart rate remain dangerously high 180/100 but her body temperature remains cool. She will remain so for almost two days.

After the players have settled in or begin looking for Qusay, one of the men will wheel a TV cart attached to a satellite phone over to where the players are congregating. Col. Frost’s image is on the TV:
“Don’t bother looking, I sent Qusay away for a while. No need to let hot heads get the best of us.” He pauses and then “I hear congratulations are in order. Mission accomplished and all. I know your probably mad as hell but you know the stakes, and I know that Lucy, maybe more than the rest of you, knows what it is we are facing. I am glad she made it out alright, I am glad you all did.”

He pulls the wet mangled cigar stub from his mouth, “This was a big hit, the Shades will be busy covering this up and trying to figure out who did this. I wouldn’t stay in Germany too long, it won’t take a genius to eventually get fishy about a group of American diplomats just tooling around. Get back to the States and lay low until I reach out with you for the start of our big operation. Don’t go getting killed between now and then. Frost out.”

With that the screen goes dark and the man pushes the TV cart back into a small closet.



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