Dark Day

The Mystery of Flight 1237 The Mystery Continues


The Mystery of Flight 1237, the Mystery Continues

Last year we brought you the unfortunate tale of Flight 1237, a passenger plan that crashed into the L.A. suburbs on Dark Day. Everyone on board was killed, but a handful of people, through luck, or fate, were not able to make the flight. They were spared that day, but it would appear that the Dark Day and Flight 1237 is still talking its toll on the survivors. We had wanted to do a follow-up on the survivors to mark the one year anniversary of DD; however, when we reached out we found out something disturbing. The survivors of FLight 1237 are dying off at an alarming rate. Four to suicides, three to accidents, and one killed by the L.A. police in a stand-off a couple weeks ago that went largely unreported.

When we asked family and friends we got a mix of stories, many of them similar to ones we have heard when talking to people about DD. The only exception was Tom Grendin, an out of work construction worker who took several people hostage at a local office building and was finally killed by police. We spoke to his neighbors and his brother and both said that Tom had been increasingly paranoid, had moved to a small trailer in the mountains and had stopped almost all communications with his friends and family. His brother stated that he was obsessed with the other passengers and their deaths. During the brief attempt at negotiations with Mr. Grendin, he had stated he wanted the media present because he had a story that would blow the lid off of every DD theory out there.

Mr. Grendin’s story is not unfamiliar, and we wanted to run this piece to remind folks to keep an eye out for each other, look for the signs of depression, or delusion that can lead to these types of self destructive behaviors. Only a very few survivors of Flight 1237 still live and we can hope that they have the support system in place to help them deal with their experience.



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