Dark Day

The Traitor Revealed

Traitor Revealed

The elevator slowly grinds to a halt, it’s been a long way down, you figure it must be at least a hundred feet or more underground. The doors slide open and reveal a long corridor of concrete, broken up periodically by heavy steel doors and smaller offshoots.
“Welcome to the Hole” Col. Frost states almost proudly “this is where we have been entertaining our guest”.
As you walk down the long corridor you see through small windows in some of the doors teams of people in yellow and light blue protective suits working in laboratories and machine shops. Even through the thick walls you can hear the occasional pop, pop of an internal small-arms range. You are impressed with how clean and neat everything is, although as it is a military base it isn’t a surprise.

Lucy- The door opens and the smell of rotting food quickly fills the elevator. The hallway is dark and musty. A sickly yellow moss is growing from spider-web-like cracks along the walls and there is a distinct sound of flies buzzing in your head. As you go further down the corridor the smell and the buzzing become more prominent, stopping you momentarily in your tracks. Velma asks you if you are ok, you lie and say its something you ate.

Col. Frost takes you past a heavy door guarded by two soldiers in full combat dress, weapons ready, and into a small conference room. On one wall is a one-way mirror looking into another similar room. Sitting behind an oval desk sits a thin man with long slick hair and an expensive suit. He appears to be doodling on a pad of paper. Col. Frost points to the man “You’re not going to believe this but…your looking at Lord Foulseed. A Nightlord. He says he wants to help us”.

Lucy- The sound of flies is almost deafening and you find it hard to hear what the colonel or the rest of your group is saying. You look past the one way mirror and a set of sickly yellow eyes stares directly back at you. You feel your legs begin to weaken and you reflexively reach for the handle of your knife. As you touch it you feel your strength renewed. There is a moment of realization in the yellow eyes and then just a mirror.

“How did you catch him” someone asks.
“We didn’t” Frost admits, “He just walked up to the front gate and turned himself in. At first we thought it had to be a trick or a lie, but if he isn’t really who he says he is, he sure does know a lot about the bastards.”
“What does he want?”
Col. Frost rubs his chin and shakes his head, “He says he wants to help us against King Molloch, says that Molloch has betrayed the Nightlords and led them astray with lies and misdirection.”
“That sounds very humanitarian of him” someone jests.
Col. Frost smiles, “well, I think he did mention the fact that he thought he should be running the show over there, in the Nightlands, never said he wasn’t a selfish bastard, just that he might be a bastard we can work with”.

Lucy- You have made your way slowly across the room. Your feet pulling you to the door leading to the chamber of the monster. No one seems to have noticed you as your hand wraps around the door handle and when they do notice it is too late. In one fluid motion you swing the door open, leap across the room and draw your blade. It sings into life in your hands, elongating into the deadly killing blade. The yellow eyes look up as you swing, the blade making a path straight for Foulseeds neck; but, you miss. The blade almost seems to shift in shape around the flesh of the Nightlord and then snap back into place a second later. Foulseed smiles, it is not a kind smile.
“So now you want to kill me. Well, you had your chance and made your decision, you cannot go back now can you? I feel your not alone, yes, that is what Tower is up to, well, it wont work, your time is passed”.
You feel the strength leave your body and the world turn black.
Outside the group all turns, yelling as they watch with horror as Lucy goes to kill the Nightlord, but then comes up short, missing the target. The Nightlord’s tone is mocking and cruel as he unleashes a string of bereavements.
“Strange” Velma says quietly to Guy. “I’m looking at his face, his eyes and I don’t think he is talking to her”.
Just then Lucy collapses and the group rushes in and takes her quickly from the room. Col. Frost has her brought to an infirmary and the players can choose to remain until Lucy regains consciousness or go with Frost to their new quarters.



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