Tower Corporation

Tower Corporation: The Tower Corporation appears to be a conglomerate of different businesses around the world tied mostly to construction and international business; however, the corporation has several offshoot arms that deal in international aid, agriculture, urban planning, mass media, and about half a dozen small scientific enterprises. Owned and led my the reclusive and enigmatic Tower the corporation’s day to day functions are handled by a large group known as the council.

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During Dark Day the players were assisted by the Tower Corporation and have since learned that much of the circumstances (including the man they all saw on New Years Eve) were designs by Tower. After finally getting an audience with Tower (he remained behind a gossamer curtain) they learned that he wants the players to recover a series of artifacts, left behind by the first people of the Nightlands and that with those artifacts they can defeat the Nightlords.

Tower appears to be the most benign of the factions, seeking to undermine the Nightlords by foiling their plans in secret while also attempting to uncover the Nightlords invasion to the masses, albeit slowly. Tower appears reserved and does not seem to approve of operations that could have high levels of collateral damage. Although light on military support, his vast network of employees, business holdings, and wealth make him a valuable if not fickle ally.

Tower Personnel of Note:
*Sebastion Cross

Tower Corporation

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