War Room

The War Room is a group of some of the most powerful men and women in the world who plan and oversea the most dangerous and secretive missions and activities of the United States Government. They are a power unto themselves and only exist in legend, even to the President of the United States. They represent the ability for the nation’s leadership to have true plausible deniability when covert operations are needed. The members vary from government officials, military personnel, members of the science and industrial communities, and commercial entities. In their eyes they make the tough decisions. Members are expected to recruit their successors and so the group has remained a myth. This served them well on Dark Day.

War room

In a twist of fate, the War Room is one of the few government entities (loosely named) that has not been infiltrated or suffered a high number of losses. Part of this preparedness for Dark Day was due to the information and assistance of the groups current military representative Colonel Nathan Frost. Even though the Colonel did not know Dark Day was coming, he knew something was coming, something bad.

The War Room is a pragmatic group. They see things in weights of numbers or value of goals above human cost. People as collateral damage is something they include in their daily calculus. They are dedicated to defeating the Nightlords and some are willing to support more aggressive tactics.

The War Room can make a powerful ally for the players. They have access to military and scientific equipment, soldiers, training, and insight into fighting the minions of the Nightlords; however, they are just was willing to put the players lives in harm if it satisfies the greater good or cut them off if they seem to be a security problem.

War Room Personnel of Note:
*Colonel Nathan Frost

War Room

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