Welcome to Dark Day!

Dark Day is a modern action/horror game set in an alternate past which begins on the morning of 1 January 2000. The player characters are a group of seemingly unrelated people, from all walks of life, who must work together to survive the events following the disappearance of the sky for 24 hours, or later recorded as Dark Day. Even after Dark Day the players are aware that the world is not the same as it was and that sinister powers have infiltrated their governments, military, schools, and even their families. Together, with the aid of a shadowy group only known as the Tower corporation, the players must uncover the truth of Dark Day and survive.

System Notes:

  • Although the game system currently utilized is D20 Modern, the game theme, NPCs, and much of the world setting is drawn from Palladium’s Nightbane (or if you bought the initial book prior to the lawsuit Nightspawn game system)
  • In the original game Dark Day was on like March 6th, so it is another artistic adjustment to the original setting.

Dark Day

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