Jeremy Davidson

A nurse turned Nightbane healer


Jeremy Davidson, a nurse at John’s Hopkins in Baltimore, started the new millennium better than he could have ever expected. After months of wondering and being both too professional and too nervous to ask, Jeremy had finally asked one of the paramedics, a Bobby Bertoni , out on a date, and to Jeremy’s surprise, Bobby said yes. Their first date was nothing special, just coffee at an old truck stop north of the city. While Jeremy was open about his sexual orientation, Bobby had not open (one reason it took Jeremy so long to ask). Still Jeremy was sure this was the beginning of something special. In fact the only thing bad about the whole “end of the world” had been a homeless man he had seen earlier during the day.

The man had been like so many others this time of year, brought in for sickness, frostbite, or other reasons. Jeremy started to examine the man and was shocked to find that this otherwise disheveled man wore what appeared to be a very expensive watch with the symbol of a tower on the face of it. When he asked the man his name the man said “You will see, soon, you will be there and you will see it happen, you will be baptized by the fires of the new world”. He grabbed Jeremy’s hand and the young nurse felt as if his whole body was aflame. Stumbling out into the main corridor, Jeremy called for the orderlies but when he returned to the small partition the man was gone. All that remained was the slightest smell of charred flesh.

It was on this first date that Dark Day occurred, witnessed by Jeremy, who would become one of its first casualties. In the ensuing minutes following the Dark, Jeremy rushed outside to help a truck driver caught inside his burning fuel vehicle. He was the last to person to be rescued and as the others were running and diving for cover within the diner the fuel truck exploded, sending a wave of burning fuel in all directions. Jeremy was first overtaken by the wall of fire and then thrown by the blast back into the diner. Still alive but burned over 90% of his body, all that Bobby could do was administer a healthy dose of pain killer.

Awakening nearly twenty four hours later, in the burn ward at John’s Hopkins, Jeremy was awakened by a terrible itching sensation. Horrified at seeing his burned body but overcome with the awful need to scratch and pull at the charred remnants of his flesh Jeremy pulled at the charred hunks, exposing not destroyed muscle and flesh but perfectly healed skin. When he was done he looked in the mirror and found himself looking at a perfectly healed version of himself, no burns, no scars, nothing.

Escaping the hospital and several men in dark suits who had come looking for him, Jeremy ran until he reached Bobby’s house. The paramedic could only stare in shock at Jeremy, and when Jeremy attempted to enter Bobby’s house the paramedic shook his head back and forth “You can’t be alive, you can’t be here. I can’t see you!” and with that slammed the door.

Since the events of Dark Day, Jeremy has learned that he is one of the few who have been transformed by the event. He can at will, and sometimes under great stress, transform back into that charred husk of a person, who even though appears to be weak is faster, stronger, and tougher then Jeremy ever was. In addition, Jeremy has learned that his alternate form, or Nightbane, ban heal others, but only by taking on their wounds. Most of the time this is ok as Jeremy’s Nightbane has an incredibly high constitution and heals almost all wounds over time.

Now Jeremy is stuck between two worlds, one, trying to find a way back into his old life and to set things straight with Bobby, while also understanding his place in his new world, among the other Nightbane.

Jeremy Davidson

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