Dark Day

The Mystery of Flight 1237


The mystery of Flight 1237 is one of the enduring mysteries resulting from Dark Day. The plane, which according to Hong Kong flight records, took off on New Years Eve and should have landed in Los Angeles around 6am, the same time that the Dark Day phenomenon began. It has been a little over one year since that day and I am revisiting it because the story has recently taken a sad, and some might say, a sinister turn. For those of you not familiar with the fate of Flight 1237 let me catch you up:
- the plane never landed in Los Angeles and was at first presumed to have gone down in the ocean.
- reports started coming in that a plane had crashed in a suburb northeast of the city.
- State and Federal officials later stated that indeed the plane had crashed and killed all onboard, but…
- photos taken of the scene of the crash by locals and according to witness testimony only a twenty foot section of the plane was actually found; however, bodies were found strewn over a ten mile path that were tied back to passengers on the plane.
- only half of the bodies were positively identified by their next of kin; the other half were presented only ashes and told their loved ones had been destroyed.

A small handful of passengers that were supposed to be on that flight had been delayed and were routed onto another flight the following week when things slowly began to return to normal, at least that is what the government wanted you to believe. I caught up with one of these “lucky” people a few months ago in an insane asylum. They had been committed by their own family for delusions and trauma caused by Dark Day.



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